About CYCC

Like other states around the country, New Hampshire is grappling with a chronic health conditions epidemic. In the Granite State, approximately 42,000 children (or 1 in 6) contend with a chronic health condition, or one out of every six. Broken down, the numbers are sobering:

  • Over 12 percent of N.H. children will suffer from asthma during their lifetimes.
  • Thirteen percent of children between grades 9 and 12 are overweight, while another 11 percent are obese. Both groups are at risk for cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Approximately 75 children between infancy and age 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year.


The Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions is a parent-focused State council committed to being a voice for families of children with chronic health conditions. We educate and inform policy-makers and stakeholders of the unique challenges and opportunities to expand access to affordable; quality health care; foster supportive work environments; support community based services and  celebrate the resiliency of children and their families.


The Council’s members are:
 Joelle Martin, Milford, Chair
 Sarah Aiken, Concord, Vice Chair
Michael Rollo, Rollinsford, Treasurer
Laurie Fleming, Derry, Secretary
Lisa DeMartino, Gilford
Loretta McGrail , Rochester
 Paula Garvey, Amherst
Audrey Gerkin, Brentwood
Deodonne P. Bhattarai, Concord
Sen. Donna Soucy, Manchester
Rep. Mariellen J. MacKay,  Nashua
 Nancy Wells , Department of Education
 Christine Santaniello, Department of Health and Human Services, Special Medical Services
James Fox, Department of Insurance