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Asthma and Schools

Asthma is a leading chronic  illness among children and adolescents in the United States. It is also one of the leading causes of school absenteeism. On average, in a  classroom of 30 children, about 3 are likely to have asthma. Low-income populations, minorities, and children living in inner cities  experience more emergency department visits, hospitalizations, …

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Epileptic boy’s book helps raise money for seizure dog

Evan Moss’ seizures come quietly in the night. When they strike, the 7-year-old’s parents have to give him medicine to make them stop — or risk brain damage. But to do that, they have to know they are happening. Lisa and Rob Moss live in fear of missing one. The seizures are so silent that …

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Managed Medicaid moves forward, but still more hurdles

News reports of the federal approval of the state’s plan to adopt a privately managed Medicaid system is important step, but one of many before the final plan is implemented.   Alex Koutroubas, of the lobbying firm of  Denney & Bouley, provided the following memo explaining the process:   A Few Words About the SPA approval… …

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Medical Daily: Smoking During Pregnancy Increases Asthma Risk in Children

By Amber Moore | Aug 17, 2012   A mother’s smoking habits has now been linked to an increased risk of asthma in preschool children, according to a new study. Also, smoking during the early stages of pregnancy is especially dangerous. Researchers say that women who are planning to have a baby should give up …

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By Michael McCord In September 2010, one of the lesser-known provisions of the Affordable Care Act went into effect. For the first time across the country, health insurers were denied the underwriting ability to deny or limit coverage to children under age 19 with so-called pre-existing conditions such as asthma, diabetes, autism and cancer. …

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Psychology Today: Is Our Aversion to Pain Killing Us?

  by Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. Psychology Today   The sad and untimely loss of Whitney Houston is yet another highly publicized death that called into question the abuse of prescription drugs. Tragic episodes like this may be making the news because of their high-profile victims, but they also direct our attention to a growing epidemic …

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Concord Monitor: A big step for oral health

By Hope Saltmarsh and Kyle Messier / For the Monitor July 26, 2012 In 2012, there are far too many people in New Hampshire – one of the richest states in our nation – who do not have access to basic dental care. There are too many children in our state who go to school …

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NHPR: N.H. Begins To Wrestle With Medicaid Expansion

By Brian Wallstin NH Public Radio A group of New Hampshire lawmakers will meet Wednesday to begin discussing how the state should move forward under the nation’s health care law. One of the big questions for the Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee is whether New Hampshire should expand its Medicaid program. The recent Supreme …

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Cooking matters program launched

LANCASTER –A new program has been launched to encourage and teach people how to produce healthy, more cost effective and tasty meals. Recently, 6 local families consisting of 14 children and adults gathered for one of several hands on sessions.

The goal of the “Cooking Matters” program, said UNH Cooperative Extension Educator Heidi Barker, is help people develop “the skills to can provide healthier and more cost effective (meal) options.”

Data shows Coos County leads the state in obesity and much of this relates to poor eating habits, less access to fresh fruit and vegetable and an over reliance on processed food. By teaching people about food and nutrition, along with embedding shopping, culinary skills people will be able to turn less expensive raw food into wholesome meals.

On this evening, Michael Holland, the food service director at the Weeks Medical Center, taught the participants techniques for proper knife safety as well how to follow recipes and understand portion sizes. He noted that a lot of processed foods remove the nutritious items – like grain and natural starches and add fillers like sugar. “That’s why,” he said, “when you eat something (over-processed) and then a half an hour later you’re starving again.”

Michael Holland shows basic knife safety to Emma Mullins.
Susan Chancey, Home Visitor at Weeks Medical Center, worked with children and young adults to explore various types of fruits and vegetables and dips and toppings that may make them more appealing.

A planning group has been working for several months on identifying a small, focus group to combat poor eating habits. It became apparent that many families face nutritional issues because they have never learned to cook and consistently struggle purchasing healthy foods with a limited budget, Barker said. The “Cooking Matters” program had been successfully implemented in Colebrook.

Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters™ has been developed by the UNH Cooperative Extension and supported by several partners Weeks Medical Center, Coos County Partners in Health and the Council for Children with Chronic Health Conditions.

The key leadership that started and supported the Cooking Matters program, includes from the left, Bob Fink, Weeks Medical Center, Resource Development official; Lise Potter, Weeks Medical Center Dietary Manager ; Mike Holland, Weeks Medical Center Chef; Heidi Barker, UNH Cooperative Extension, Nutrition Educator; Scott Howe, CEO, Weeks Medical Center and Executive Councilor Ray Burton

Toumpas defends Managed Medicaid contract

LANCASTER – Health and Human Service Commissioner Nick Toumpas was in the hot seat on Wednesday afternoon defending the state’s move to a managed Medicaid system – which places the administration of the program in the hands of private insurance companies, rather the state and regional, nonprofit service providers.    The meeting was hosted by Executive …

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