Meeting Summary May 26, 2015

CYCC Meeting Summary

Council for Children with Youths with Chronic Conditions (CYCC) met on May 26, 2015 at 6:10 pm at the Upham- Walker House in Concord, NH

1. Welcome & Introductions – Bob Quinn opened meeting and determined the necessary quorum was met by the attendance of the following members: Mike Dennehy, Lisa DeMartino,  Joelle Martin, Paula Garvey, Annie Emmerling, Loretta McGrail, Mike Rollo, Liz Collins, Sheila Badger, and Laurie Fleming.  Non-members in attendance: Jeff Woodburn, Executive Director, CYCC and Mike Wilkey from Insurance Department.

2. Secretary’s Report was provided by Jeff Woodburn. A. A motion was made to approve the Meeting Summary of January 13, 2015 by Sarah Aiken and seconded by Loretta McGrail and was approved unanimously. B. New Member Applications were reviewed. B. Calendar/Schedule was reviewed.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Woodburn presented the Operating Statement as of April, 2015 and May, 2015.  A motion was made to approve the Treasure’s Report by Sarah Aiken and seconded by Loretta McGrail and was approved unanimously.

4. Executive Director’s Report

A. Elections. Jeff Woodburn recommended that elections of officers should be presented as slate. The following nominations were made Liz Collins and seconded by Sarah Aiken: Bob Quinn for Chair, Barbara Richardson for Vice Chair, Paula Garvey for treasurer and Mike Dennehy for Secretary.   Liz Collins move that the slate of nominees be elected and this was seconded by Sarah Aiken and unanimously accepted.

B. Budget. Jeff Woodburn reviewed the proposed 2015-16 budget. Liz Collins moved and Sarah Aiken seconded that the budget be amended by reducing by $670 the “Parent Stipend” line and adding $670 to the “Champion Child.”  Liz Collins noted that an increase in the parent stipend from $60 to $80 would make the CYCC rate higher other councils. There was discussion about the “Special Projects” budget and it was noted that these funds could be taken by the state. Then a motion was made to approve the amended budget by Sheila Badger and seconded by Mike Dennehy and unanimously accepted.

C. Bylaw changes. Jeff Woodburn reviewed the proposed changes in the CYCC’s bylaws. See Attachment. A motion was made to approve the bylaw changes by Liz Collins and seconded by Joelle Martin and approved unanimously.

D. Camperships.  Jeff Woodburn reported that he received two campership/grant requests for $1000 each from Zebra Crossings and Joni and Friends New England. The applications were presented to the Council. There was discussion about the directing grants to support children with chronic conditions and that the recipients provide a report as to how the funds were used. A motion to approve the camperships was made by Mike Dennehy and seconded by Sheila Badger and approved unanimously.

E. Spirit Award.  Jeff Woodburn presented a draft proposal to create an award and $1,000 donation to a small non-profit organization committed to serving our target population. A committee was established including Paula Garvey, Lisa DiMartino and Joelle Martin to develop a pilot award for next year. A motion was made to approve the creation of a Spirit Award by Liz Collins and seconded by Annie Emmerling and was approved unanimously.

F. Mileage Policy. Jeff Woodburn described a proposed new mileage drafted with help from Brian Collins and Bob Quinn.  The mileage will be determined by “actual miles traveled.” See Attached.

G. “Rising of America.” Jeff Woodburn described several new initiatives around child poverty, opportunity gap and early childhood health and education investment.  He ask and received support to explore opportunities to work with other partners.

H. “Facilitation.”  Jeff Woodburn said a meeting with Partners shall occur over the summer and fall to identify legislative proposals for the 2016 session.

I. School Nurse Position. Jeff Woodburn said the funding for School Nurse Consultant position was in the Senate budget.

A motion to Adjourn was made by Loretta McGrail and seconded by Joelle Martin and was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Woodburn, Executive Director