Minutes 2-12-13 Meeting

Summary of CCACHC Meeting
Tuesday, February 12, 2012 at 6 p.m. at the
Upham-Walker House, Concord, NH

The meeting was opened by Chair Barbara Richardson with present members including: Bob Quinn, Michael Dennehy, Kristin McGraw, Rep. MariEllen MacKay and Patty Ewen present. Joining the meeting by telephone was: Lorretta McGrail and Corry Hughes.

Barbara Richardson introduced members and made opening comments. Barbara Richardson asked Executive Director Jeff Woodburn to run the elections for officers. Woodburn presented a slate of officers: Bob Quinn for Chair, Barbara Richardson, for Vice Chair and Kristin McGraw for Treasurer and asked if there were any more nominations. Seeing none, he asked that one ballot be cast for the slate – Michael Dennehy moved and Rep. MariEllen MacKay seconded the motion and the council approved the motion unanimously. Woodburn noted that the secretary position remained empty and Michael Dennehy agreed to assume this position. Rep. MariEllen MacKay moved and Barbara Richardson seconded a motion making Michael Dennehy the new secretary.

Bob Quinn assumed the chairmanship and asked Kristin McGraw to present the budget for 2013-2014. McGraw outlined the budget and explained that it was a tight budget, but the Executive Committee’s decision was to leave management of the budget to the Executive Director with approval of the council. She also noted the budget limited the Administrative Assistant’s hours to 6 per week. Woodburn added commentary and answered questions. He explained that the council was now funded with state, not federal dollars. Quinn instructed Woodburn to provide the council at the next meeting with the source of the state funds. Michael Dennehy moved and Barbara Richardson seconded a motion to accept the budget and it was approved unanimously.

Woodburn described the Special Project /Surplus Funds as one-time expenses beyond the operating budget. He asked the council to appropriate funds from this account in the following areas:

1. $25,000 to grant funds for the purpose of distribution to approved applications.
2. $10,000 to produce soft-cover book of inspiring stories of children w/Chronic Conditions.
Intro by Gov. Hassan.
3. $15,000 over 3-years to implement and grow our capacity (fundraising, grant writing) to become more self-sufficient.
4. $5,000 strategic planning, marketing to implement new name.
5. $3,000 sponsor a legislative lunch/trade show demonstrating programs of our partners (similar to the Oral Health breakfast last year)

It was moved and seconded that the recommendations be accepted. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Woodburn

Sen. Jeff Woodburn
North Country – District 1
524 Faraway Road, Dalton, NH 03598