Zebra Crossings

Zebra CrossingsZebra Crossings can help your child and family connect with others who are crossing the same challenging terrain of living with a chronic health condition. We are here to help youth with a chronic health condition to discover the opportunities that exist for living life to the fullest. We like to define ourselves by what we are capable of achieving and believe in trying new things. We may do these things a little differently and with the goal to provide inclusive experiences.

We offer diverse year round programs ranging from social gatherings, day events to overnight experiences. We understand that the needs of all family members are different and that every family member needs a support network. Therefore, we offer variety in our program options and activities. Some programs are for children with a chronic health condition, some are for siblings only and some are for the entire family, where parents can have some respite time as well.

In our programs you have “the right of way” as we know you have so much on your mind already. Please let us know what the interests are of your family. Who knows…we may be able to make it happen. After all, we believe we have to give it at least a try.

See our website at: http://www.zebra-crossings.org/index.php